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A detailed portfolio of my academic, economics, entrepreneur, social enterprise, student leadership and other activities.

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Global Association of Economics Education

My 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that advocates for the empowerment of economics, finance and entrepreneurship for 1500+ students in 8 countries.

The Cosmopolite Guru

My personal blog where I sincerely share my thoughts on economics, politics, history, culture, lifestyle and trivial topics, both in English and Vietnamese. Featured 3000 monthly traffic.

TEDxYouth Talk

“From Introvert to Extrovert: Can the Internet play a vital role?” is a TEDx Talk I gave this year about the tremendous role of the Internet in my journey of breaking social prejudice and cultural stereotype to be more extroverted.

XZ2 Sound System

A flagship Android 4.4. Sound System MOD that transform audio output experience by modifying the system audio libs. Proudly featured on the front page of the XDA-Developers Forum and 25 online tech sites.

Da Nang Youth Model United Nations Conference 2019

The largest Model UN Conference in Central Vietnam and among the 3 largest one in Indochina. Proudly served as the Chairman of the UNODC at DYMUN’19.


My YouTube Channel about mobile technology, user interfaces, product design and technology parodies. Applying latest visual and audio technology. Boasted 6 million views and 17 thousand subscribers.

For more details of my other projects, download the CV

I am a compassionate youth and have overtook dozens of projects in various fields, from economics, entrepreneur to social enterprise and student leadership. Due to the limitation of space in the website, I thereby cannot display all of them here. Please kindly look at the CV for a more comprehensive picture of me.

Hello! I’m Le Dong Hai Nguyen.

I am a Student, EconomistScholar, Volunteer, Student Leader, Speaker, Developer, Blogger and YouTuber.

Born in one of the poorest province in Vietnam, I have always strived to outgrow myself and to reach new heights, with a desire of contributing for a better future for my homeland, and the world I’m living in.

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