DoHa Nguyen

Nguyễn Lê Đông Hải

Hello from Vietnam! I am DoHa, a freshman at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. I am passionate about economics, having founded and currently run the Global Association of Economics Education (GAEE). I am also an amateur journalist, a social activist, a TEDx speaker, and the youngest person to be elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Who am I?



An amateur journalist

An amateur journalist






Work Experience

Jan 2017 - Current

Global Association of Economics Education (GAEE)

Founder & Executive Director

I founded and led GAEE as a student-led non-governmental not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization promoting economics education, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship incubation for students across ten countries. Under my leadership, GAEE has received support from the Financial Times, AIESEC, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Canva. We also established partnerships with the Oxford University PPE Society, University of Chicago KSO, University of Delhi, Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, South Korea Ministry of Unification, W1SE Financial Literacy. GAEE is recognized by the World Economics Association (WEA), the United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs (UN-DESA), and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.


ReShape Co.

Management Consultant

ReShape Co. is a pro bono consulting firm launched by students from elite universities to provide consulting services for charities, startups, and SMEs amidst the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Summer 2019

Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV)

Summer Research Intern

Examined the effectiveness of debt restructuring and interest-rate cut in helping local Quangngaiese SMEs access financing sources and banking services to maintain and expand production.


AUG 2020 - MAY 2024

Georgetown University

Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS)

At the SFS, I was elected as the Title IX Student Officer and currently work to promote equality and fight sexual discrimination. I am also the Editor of the Georgetown Gazette, as well as serving as the Economics Mentor for the Georgetown teams at the Hult Prize initiative. I am also a recipient of a Georgetown Undergraduate Scholarship from the SFS covering tuition and other fees. Intended major: International Economics.

AUG 2018 - MAY 2020

Cambridge Arts, Technologies and Sciences (CATS) Academy

Boston, MA, United States

As one of the two students winning the 2018 CEG Ivy Scholarship Award, I attended the Academy with a full-ride scholarship covering both tuition and accommodation fees. I won the school's Excellence in Economics award for two consecutive years. Graduated with High Honors (GPA: 3.9/4.0) and completed 9 Advanced Placement courses, I was elected a CATS Scholar. Activities: Elected Student Body Treasurer, Editor of the Academy Courier, Founder & President of the Economics Club, Secretary of the Model UN Club, Student Ambassador.

SEP 2017 - JUN 2018

Le Khiet High School for the Gifted

Quang Ngai, Vietnam

Scoring the second highest in the highly selective entrance examination, I was inducted into the English specialized class. I am also the recipient of the prestigious November 20th Excellent Studnet Award. I graduated Grade 10 with the highest GPA (9.5/10) in the 2017-2018 Class before moving to the US to continue my high school career. Activities: Founder & VP of Le Khiet News Network, Co-founder of Debate/MUN Club, Speaker of English Club.

Academia Experience

Summer 2019

Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA)

Visiting Scholar

I joined the QNUSTA division of VUSTA to spearhead a joint effort between the Association and my nonprofit GAEE in hosting a series of academic conferences targeting provincial policymakers, educators, and students regarding the impacts of Industry 4.0 on the economy and society of Central Vietnam. We also researched and proposed policies to provincial policymakers to engender an automation-proof education system.

Fall 2019

Young Economist of the Year 2019 competition

High Commendation/Shortlisted

I submitted a paper that argued against implementing a UBI to solve job displacement caused by automation. By addressing UBI's implementation costs and shortcomings in incentivizing employment, I suggested to retain existing means-tested welfare systems and promote further investment in education scheme for unskilled and low-skilled labor. My entry won a high commendation from the Royal Economic Society and was one of the 36 best papers shortlisted among 1,300 qualified submissions to be honored on the website of the Royal Economic Society (2.7% acceptance rate).

OCT 2018 - JUN 2020

LabCentral & Boston Children Hospital

Bootcamp Student Researcher

I attended the L3 Innovation Challenge at MIT facilities hosted by LabCentral, Boston Children Hospital, and YouthCities to engender innovations in pediatric healthcare treatment for young patients. My research group applied smart textile, microneedle technology, and 3D printing to create the SOGAI (System Of Glucose-Monitoring and Automatic Insulin-Injection) high-fidelity prototype and mySOGAI mobile app that helps parents/guardians monitor the glucose level of young patients with type 2 diabetes in real-time and remotely inject insulin through the smart wearable band storing insulin powder and saline solution. Our project entered the Final round and was commended as having the "Best Research" by Dr. Kate Donovan, the Director of Immersive Technologies at Boston Children Hospital.

OCT 2018 - JUN 2020

Cambridge Cross-Colleges Economics Initiative

Founder & Co-President

I founded the Initiative to facilitate economics education exchange among students of Cambridge Education Group Colleges: CATS Academy Boston (US), CATS College London, CATS College Canterbury, CATS College Cambridge (UK), and CATS Shanghai (China). I also recruited, trained, and led two teams of twelve students to represent CATS Academy Boston for the first time at the National Economics Challenge 2019. The clubs have become a learning hub for CATS students to engage in economics through discussions, debates, quizzes and study-groups.

Online Activities


Thrive Global Magazine

Senior Contributor

Contributing to the Lifestyle column, I syndicate hand-picked articles from my blog The Cosmopolite Guru to feature in the online platform of Thrive Global.

SEP 2017 - OCT 2019



My channel focused on mobile technology, product comparisons, and user interfaces. With twenty thousand subscribers and ten million views, the channel was recognized by YouTube as a Bronze-tier Creator and listed in the CallMart's list of "Influential Emerging YouTubers."

MAR 2016 - JUL 2018

XDA-Developers Forum

Senior Member, Featured Developer

Under the alias of @sirdoha, I developed the XZ2 Sound System for Android 4.4+ devices, which was featured on the Front Page of the Forum’s News Portal and 25 online technology news sites. I was also inducted into the RXS MoonBreakers Developer Team.

May 2020


Independent Producer

During the COVID-19 lockdown, I rediscovered my passion for classical music and released my debut piano album "The Nostalgic" on Spotify.

Social Activism


Georgetown University – Office of Title IX Compliance SFSQ

Title IX Student Officer

As the elected student representative for the Class of 2024, I work to promote equity and fight sexual harassment at Georgetown. I assisted the Deputy Title IX Coordinator in training, policy-related research and communications, and additional student outreach. My capacity also involves making practical recommendations designed to raise awareness of Title IX and sexual misconduct-related rights and responsibilities, increase understanding of processes in the campus' context. I also functioned as a bridge between the student body and the Title IX Office by promoting resource for other student, as well as contributed to a safe and supportive campus environment.

MAR 2020 - JUN 2020

Tinh Thuong “Rice ATM” Covid Foodbank

Distribution Volunteer, Financial Coordinator

I partnered with the Youth Unions at local schools in my area to set up automatic rice dispensers ("rice ATM" machines) to distribute free rice for out-of-work Quangngaiese economically crippled amid the coronavirus lockdown order. As of June 1st, we collected 10 tonnes of rice and noodles from in-kind donation and distributed to more than five thousand people. I also donated 0.5 tonnes of rice from the revenue of my online platforms.

Summer 2019 & 2020

Danang Youth Model United Nations (DYMUN)


As the Chair of DYMUN'19 and '20, my responsibilities include grading position papers, interviewing applicants, preparing background guides, hosting training sessions, and presiding over the committee during the conference. Amidst the coronavirus lockdown order, I also helped to research ways to adapt our protocols to an online format for DYMUN'20.

Summer 2017

Quang Ngai International Student Exchange Summer Camp

Translation and Interpretation Coordinator

I worked with the Quang Ngai Provincial Youth Union and Student Putney Travel Organization to organize the province’s first international summer camp with the participation of thirty international students from around the globe and hundreds of local students. Managing the Translation and Interpretation Team for the camp, I also helped to create promotional campaigns and formulated agenda and conference content.

February 2020

Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Model United Nations Conference (MITMUNC)

MUN Faculty Advisor

I acquired funding, coached, and led a team of ten underprivileged high-school students in the Boston area to attend the premier Model United Nations conference at MIT.


Hult Prize at Georgetown

Economics Mentor & Training Coordinator

I assisted the Georgetown teams at the Hult Prize competition to make their projects financially sustainable and adaptable to changes in the market. I hosted workshops on writing financial reports, business case studies for the teams, as well as individual sessions with 2-3 teams on a weekly basis to give personalized feedback on their project's progress.

Some of my stuffs

Play Video

The Internet’s prison of procrastination - TEDxYouth

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How the Internet changed me from introvert to extrovert - TEDx

Computer Skills

Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite

Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite

Android System Modification using Java

Android System Modification using Java



Website Designing using HTML5 and WordPress

Website Designing using HTML5 and WordPress

Fun Facts







an Extroverted introvert

an Extroverted introvert

In the news

Yahoo! Finance/Lifestyle

Yahoo! Finance/Lifestyle

Meet the 17-year-old “Democratizer” of Economics Education

Le Dong Hai “DoHa” Nguyen, a student activist from Vietnam, is disrupting the status-quo of economics education among pre-undergraduate students in developing countries.

The London Economic

The London Economic

Meet Le Dong Hai “DoHa” Nguyen, the youngest Fellow of the RSA

Le Dong Hai Nguyen from Vietnam becomes one of the youngest foreigners in the history to be awarded the prestigious Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

Vietnam Insider

Vietnam Insider

Vietnamese teenager wins scholarships to 21 universities overseas

While busy participating in various fund-rasing activities for Covid-19 victims in his hometown, Hai received invitations from 21 universities for his tertiary education.

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